Our motors are equipped with both pedal assist and throttle power.

When your motor kit is turned on and you have the Pedal Assist Level (PAS Level) set to 1 or higher, your motor will engage and provide you with power and assistance when you pedal and/or use the throttle.

How Pedal Assist Setting (PAS) Works:

The pedal assist power uses a cadence sensor and triggers once you move the pedals on your bike when your motor is on in PAS Level 1 or higher. The amount of pedal assist levels you program on your display (3, 5, 9) divides the total power of the motor/speed setting among the pedal assist levels. All of our displays have the option to program 0-3, 0-5, or 0-9 PAS Levels on your display.

We always recommend changing the display to have 9 PAS Levels to have more incremental power and pedal-assist levels available. However it's up to you and what you prefer, please play around with your number of PAS Levels and max speed setting to trick out your ebike to your desired riding preferences.

Example: The total PAS levels (which are set in your display settings) can be set to 3, 5, or 9. We are going to be explaining this in this example in terms of a cake 🎂! You can think of the total power of your motor as full cake and the total PAS levels represent the number of slices you decide to cut your cake (total motor power) into, either 3, 5, or 9.

Of course, if you cut your total cake into 3 slices, you will have much larger slices than if you cut your cake into 9 total slices. This is exactly the same with the total motor power if you set your display to 3 total PAS levels, you will have more motor power and less incremental power per PAS level (0 through 3) than if you set your display to 9 total PAS levels which will divide this total motor power between 0 through 9! 😎

How to Use Pedal Assist Power:

Use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons on your display to select the level of motor power/assistance you would like. As you increase the PAS Level on your display, the amount of power you receive from the motor increases.

Once you begin pedaling with your motor kit turned on and your display in PAS Level 1 or higher, the pedal assist power will kick in, in about 1-2 seconds.

How Throttle Power Works:

The speed at which you are peddling is always limited by the PAS setting that you are in. The only way to ensure that you will not go any faster than the current set PAS setting is by pedaling with the motor. As soon as the throttle is engaged there is the potential that the PAS setting will not be limited by throttle power. The throttle power can be used independently of pedaling so you can operate the ebike motor exclusively off of throttle power if you want!

Braking/Stoping Pedal Assist Power:

  • To turn off the pedal assist power immediately, engage your Ebrakes!

  • Stop pedaling and the motor power will remain active after a few seconds and then stop completely.

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