Safety precautions to not accidentally engage the motor power when not intended.

1. Turn Off your Ebike Kit

Use the power button on your display to turn off your ebike kit. We also recommend turning off your battery as well if you are not wanting to use your ebike kit or the motor power. This way you will not accidentally engage the motor by hitting the throttle and/or pedaling while the motor kit is on, but you don't want to receive any motor assistance.

2. Turn the Pedal Assist Level (PAS Level) to Zero 0

If you would like to keep your motor kit turned on to be able to easily engage the motor again when you are ready, we recommend turning the Pedal Assist Level (PAS Level) to 0. Using the Minus (-) Button turn your PAS Level down to 0. When your motor kit is turned on and you have the PAS Level set to 0, your motor will not be able to engage and provide you with power with either the throttle or pedal assistance.

⚠️ How to Cut Power to Your Motor when you are Riding and Using the Motor Power:

When you are riding and using the motor power and would like cut power to your motor, you can Brake, Stop Pedaling and Stop Using the Throttle

  • To turn off the pedal assist power immediately, engage your Ebrakes!

  • Stop pedaling and stop using the throttle and the motor power will remain active after a few second and then stop completely.

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