The Bafang motor kits use waterproof plugs throughout, and the rest of the components are water-resistant. You shouldn’t encounter any issues when used in light rain or exposed to infrequent wet weather.

Here are some tips and best practices to protect your ebike in regards to weather and water elements.

Ebike Storage and Parking:

Properly store your ebike:

  • Whenever possible, store your ebike indoors and/or under shelter in an upright position.

  • Do not leave your ebike outside in wet weather for a long period of time.

  • If you must leave your bike outdoors in wet conditions, do not do so for a long period of time and make sure to store it indoors in a dry location as soon as possible.

  • If leaving your ebike outside during wet weather conditions and covering with a tarp (or other cover), only do this temporarily and remove the covering as soon as possible to allow for your ebike to dry.

🚧 Avoid Moisture Whenever Possible

Never submerge or immerse your ebike or motor kit parts in water or any other liquids as this can cause damage to the the electrical components.

📌 All of the kit parts are water-resistant, however, you would need to take extra precautions if you plan or riding this in regular rainy or snowy weather. As with most electronics, common sense is suggested if you plan to consistently use the kit in harsh weather. You can seal the battery and motor with silicone on joints from the outside to add another layer of protection. The motor, kit parts, and battery assembly should never be submerged. The display should be protected if you plan on exposing it frequently to rain/water. The DPC-18 and 500c displays are more weather resistant than the C961 display, however, they are not waterproof and should never be submerged. As always, weather elements could cause wear and tear and damage to components, especially if further precautions are not taken. We recommend storing your motor kit and bike indoors and protected when not in use.

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