error code

ERROR 12: Controller Error

Error 12 is a controller fault. Below are steps to help resolve the error code and throttle issue:

1. First unplug and replug all of the connections on your kit including all of the Main Wiring Harness connections (display, throttle, brake levers) and all of the Motor lead connections with the Battery and Speed Sensor. Make sure no pins are bent/damaged on any of the connection plugs and line up the arrows and pins when reconnecting everything to ensure proper connection.

2. If Step 1 does not solve the error, there is a possibility that one of the plugs from the controller to the motor core came loose and is no longer properly connected. You can open up the controller and check the plugs into the motor core.

3. If Step 2 does not solve the error, and if you are not able to resolve the error, please create a Support Ticket here.

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