If you want to export your bids from BasisBoard to your calendar app, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple Calendar. You can create an iCal link from your calendar view, then subscribe to the link in your calendar app. After doing so, your calendars should sync and you'll be able to view all your bid invites from your selected calendar app.

How does exporting work?

Calendars are exportable through the export button next to the filters. Navigate to your Calendar and select your filters. The exported calendar will be based on your currently applied filters. If you ever forget, you can always click back and see what filters were used for that calendar.

Take the following steps to export your calendar:

  1. Click on the export button between Filters and Add Bid
  2. Click on Create a calendar subscription link
  3. Copy the newly generated link

Importing to various calendars

Once you have your subscription link, you can now import the link to the calendar of your choice. Below are specific instructions based on your calendar app.

If you or your team need assistance or have feedback, as always, feel free to schedule time with us here!

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