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Leveraging the data within your BasisBoard to make better estimating decisions.

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One of the most important parts of your estimating and sales team is keeping track of your progress and performance. While it's great to use the list or board to get a quick overview, use the Analytics dashboard for a deeper understanding on where you stand.


Once you've accessed your Analytics Dashboard, you will see a few filters on the top right hand side.

Filters will be how you slice and dice the data you see on the dashboard. Each of the filters will affect what calculations and numbers you see on each report. There are three different types of filters.

  • Time range filters

  • Company filters

  • Estimator filters

Time range filters will allow you to change what period you want to run your report on.

Company filters are accessible in the filters dropdown. You can search by any company in your company list and see statistics specifically for them

Estimator filters are accessible in the filters dropdown. You can select one or multiple estimators on your team, and see their performance.

Widgets Overview

Once you're on the Analytics Overview page, you'll notice a few basic widgets with your statistics. The numbers in each widget are based on the highest base amount in the Log Quote flow.

Below is a quick overview of each one.


Bids that are currently in the Submitted stage. You can think of this widget as your pipeline -- "how many outstanding bids am I waiting to hear the results from?"


Bids that are in the Awarded stage.

Bids that are in the Lost stage.


Bids that are either Awarded or Lost.

Win Ratio

The percentage of bids you've won. The formula is calculated by taking Awarded / (Awarded + Lost)

In each widget, you can click to show all to view the specific bids in that stage.

It's important to make sure you and your team are updating your board, otherwise the numbers in your Analytics Overview won't be accurate.

Charts Overview

Currently, there are two charts you can utilize to analyze your business.

Total Bid Volume

This report shows a bar graph of the total completed bids by time. Toggle by Revenue or Project Count to change how you want to slice your data.

You can change also the time periods on the x-axis via the Time range filter. Hover over each individual bar graph to get an overview of details.

Win-Loss By Amount

This report shows a scatter plot of all your completed bids by amount. Use this chart when you want to see a visual representation of all of your completed projects.

Don't see a report you like, or have feedback on the current reports? Submit your idea at the bottom and we'll try adding it to our roadmap!

If you or your team need assistance or have feedback, as always, feel free to schedule time with us here!

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