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Link the same bids from multiple GCs into one record
Link the same bids from multiple GCs into one record

How to merge projects and addendums together when you receive multiple invites from different GCs

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When receiving bid invites from your General Contractors, there's bound to be overlap where multiple GCs are sending invites for the same project. In BasisBoard, we try to detect some of these automatically for you. Occasionally, we won't be able to detect similarities and will create a separate project record for each GC and additional update. This can make organizing your work painful.

Currently, the best way to organize your BasisBoard for these situations is to use the Link bids feature.

When to use the Link bids feature

The two most common scenarios for using Link bids are as follows:

  1. When different GCs send you multiple bid invites for the same projects

  2. When GCs send you addendums or updates about a project and a duplicate is created

Accessing the link bids feature

You can access the link bids feature in two different areas.

  • Click the ... button found in either the list view or board view

  • Or, the Link Bids button on your bid detail page

How to link bids together

1. Upon clicking the button, you will be sent to a page that allows you to search for the project you want to link with. Type in the name of the project in the search bar and select correct one.

Note: If projects have completely different names, you can search and select them one by one. Your selections will save even if you remove the text in the search bar.

2. Select the project name and stage the newly linked bid should have. The choices are based what values are available in your current selection of bids.

3. Press Link bids to finalize the process and your projects will be merged 🎉 Estimators assigned to the project will receive a notification, just in case.

What happens to my data?

Here is a list of common scenarios below and how we handle them.

I'm linking an addenda / update from the same company

  • We will recognize that the companies are the same, and your addenda will be added to the email section of your bid detail page.

I'm linking a new bid invite from a different company, to an existing project

  • We will create a new company tab in the Project Information section and separate the details.

If you or your team need assistance or have feedback, as always, feel free to schedule time with us here!

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