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Sync emails directly from your inbox instead of relying on forwarding rules.

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You can sync your emails directly from Outlook instead of creating forwarding rules or manually forwarding emails. This feature will also also declutter bid invites from your inbox and neatly organize them into a BasisBoard folder that we create.
In this article, we'll discuss two things:

  1. How to sync your inbox with BasisBoard

  2. Choosing which emails to sync

How to sync your inbox

To enable the Email Sync feature, navigate to My Profile > Email Accounts and click on the Add Account button. Then, provide the credentials (login and password) for the email account you want to sync with BasisBoard.

Currently, we are only compatible with Outlook, but are soon adding Gmail, and other 3rd party providers.

Choosing which emails to sync

Once connected, you will be able to choose if you want to enable syncing all platform emails from your inbox.

Sync all platform emails from your inbox

  • This option will take bid invites from platforms such as (BuildingConnected, PlanHub, SmartBid, BlueBook, etc) and move them into the BasisBoard folder we create in your inbox

  • You will also be able to drag raw text emails, or emails that we miss into the BasisBoard folder to send projects to your board

If you choose to not enable this option, you'll always be able to manually drag emails into your BasisBoard folder to sync with your board. Do not delete this folder!

Commonly asked questions

How long does it take to see my project in BasisBoard?

Syncs typically take 3 minutes to run.

How do I know if my emails are processed?
After processing, we tag your email with a BasisBoard label, if it's not there, that means it hasn't synced yet!

If you or your team need assistance or have feedback, as always, feel free to schedule time with us here!

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