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Creating rules for automation
Creating rules for automation
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If you find yourself repeating the same administrative tasks in BasisBoard β€” for example, declining bids from the same GC β€” then it might be in your company's interest to automate those tasks, so you can concentrate on estimating and winning more work.

To access the Rules Automation feature, navigate to Company Settings > Rules

Note: Only Admin Users in BasisBoard may create Rules.

To begin creating a rule, click the Add rule button, found in the middle of the page.

Once clicked, you'll be brought to a page where you can begin to configure your rule.

A rule in BasisBoard is made up of three parts β€” a trigger event, filter criteria, and the automation.

  • The trigger event is the "if" portion of an if-then equation: currently the only available trigger event is when the Bid is created

  • The filter criteria is what set of conditions that need to be met, in order for the rule to apply

  • The automation is the "then" portion of an if-then equation -- basically what action do you want to take place after meeting all previous criteria

Common scenarios for Rules

What you use Rules for is up to ultimately up to your company's needs, but, here is a quick list of common scenarios we see companies need:

  • Declining bids from a list of General Contractors you don't want to hear from

  • Accepting and assigning bids from Core Customers to the proper estimator

  • Declining bids with specific project names

Here is an example of how you can create a rule to Decline bids based on the GC>

Once created, you'll be able to manage your rules and see what bids have been triggered by your rule.

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