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Better "Insights" Into Companies!
Better "Insights" Into Companies!

Find out how you can start to see greater data on each specific company like your hit rate and pending bids!

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Curious on your hit rate with a specific GC? Want to see total awarded, lost, or pending project revenue amounts? Well we developed a greater Insight tab to view this data for each company listed in your account.

What does Insights do?

  • Select default time frames of data you want to see

  • Get a total Company overview showing you:

    • Total Submitted Revenue

    • Pending Revenue and %

    • Awarded Revenue and %

    • Lost Revenue and %

    • Hit Rate %

  • Provides Two charts: Awarded by Month and Awarded by Scope

Here's how you to check it out!

  1. Go to your Companies list located under the Contacts section of your account.

2. Select the Company your wanting to review and then select the Insights tab.

3. Your Done! Review your selected companies Insights!

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