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Inbox: Set Office locations + UI refresh
Inbox: Set Office locations + UI refresh

Minor updates to make qualifying bids and emails in your inbox easier

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The inbox just got an upgrade! We've polished the look & feel, while making small quality-of-life improvements to how deadlines, companies, scraped information, and custom fields work!


Main Improvements

๐Ÿข Office locations and map view

You can now set office locations in your inbox. When the location field is scraped or manually inputted, click on the gear icon to add an office location. Going forward, all emails or bids scraped will automatically display a map view, while calculating the travel time based on your nearest office location.

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Timeline

Additionally, date and deadline fields will now display on a simple, easy on the eyes timeline view.

๐Ÿ‘ค Contact and Custom field tables

Your fields now display in a table format that organizes the information more clearly.

Other improvements

  • Removed trade section

  • Trash button is now at the top

  • Added project stage next to project name

  • Added notes button next to project name

  • Scraped data displays below the email

We appreciate your continuous feedback! Weโ€™re working tirelessly to address requests big and small, and read every email.

Thank You!

Basis Board Team

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