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Quick Start Guide with Videos
Quick Start Guide with Videos

This article will provide a quick overview of how you can use and adjust your BasisBoard account to meet your needs

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How To Sync Your Emails & Adjust Them

Why Sync Your Email?: Syncing your email accounts with BasisBoard will allow us to begin processing your bid invites into a single location to provide maximized visibility while minimizing manual data entry. We'll take care of it for you!

How To Sync Your Platforms With BasisBoard

Why Sync Other Platforms: Adding additional platform data such as BuildingConnected & Procore will allow our system to provide greater data efficiency and allow you to take advantage of our plan downloading service. We'll pull data directly from the sending platform rather than just depending on the data provided in your received email

How To View Your Bid Details & Associated Emails

Why View Bid Details Rather Than Just The Bid List?: Take a deeper look into the information you need to know. The Bid Details will provide you with accurate and up to date details such as the bid deadline, RFI, Job walk date, location, associated GC's, and all emails related to that bid in one cleanly organized location.

How To Organize & Edit Your Bid List

Why Edit Your Bid List?: We know that our default columns may not be all that is important for you when quickly reviewing all your bids. By editing and organizing your bid list, you can tailor your view specifically for you without worrying about it adjusting anyone else's view on the account.

How To Create New Filters On Your Bid List

Why Create a New Filter?: You can now create unique filters that best fit your needs. Custom savable filters will allow you to easily select a new filter that will organize your bid list to a way you prefer to view your bids along with only show you bids that matter the most to you!

How To Search In BasisBoard

Why Search?: Whether you're looking for a specific bid, email, contact, or GC, BasisBoard search bar functionalities will allow you to easily surface any data you're looking for so that you're not having to hunt and waste time!

How To Link Two or More Bids Together on Your Bid List

Why Link Bids Together?: You may receive two invites that may have seemed different but are in fact the same bid. Rather than trying to view data between two separate invites for the same bid, pull this data together so you can review all your bid details in a single location.

How To Edit Filters & Bids Shown On Your BasisBoard Calendar

Why Edit Your Calendar View: Not all bids that are added to your calendar may be important especially if you're only looking for bids that are being worked right now and need to get done. You can remove any clutter and dial into what you specifically want to see by using filters and adjusting what shows on your calendar view within BasisBoard.

How To See The Bids On Your BasisBoard Calendar On Your Outlook/Gmail Calendar

Why Subscribe To See Bids Outside of BasisBoard?: If you've gotten use to your calendar view prior to BasisBoard but would still like to see the bids that automatically populate onto your BasisBoard calendar then you can simply subscribe to your BasisBoard calendar. This will show all bids meeting your BasisBoard calendar criteria that you've set within your account onto your external calendar.

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