What can I use in my Ceramic+ pod?

The Ceramic+ pod is optimized for extracts and concentrates, but it can also work with nic-salts and freebase e-liquids. The fill holes at the top of the pod tend to limit what types of extracts/concentrates one can use. We recommend thinner extracts, so it is easier to fill your Ceramic+ pod.

Can I use waxy, more solid concentrates or does the substance have to be liquid to use in the pod?

The heating element used in our Ceramic+ pods can handle solid concentrates.

How do I fill the Ceramic+ pods?

The Ceramic+ pods are filled just like our regular Baton V2 pod pack. If you remove the two rubber stoppers from the top of the pod you can put your liquid into the fill holes. Please wait roughly 30 seconds before hitting the pod so it has enough time to saturate the coil.

How many times can I use one Ceramic+ pod?

We recommend 1 - 3 fills per pod.

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