Beacons is a creator-first mobile-focused website builder that gives you a way to use the one link allowed in a TikTok, Instagram or Twitter bio to better engage with and monetize your fans. 🤩

With your unique Beacons page, you can display all of your social links and content in a single landing page that you can personalize to your brand. Create your free Beacons account in less than 5 minutes and start customizing with Beacons' simple builder! ✨

Join over 500,000 creators in growing your audience, building your brand, and generating income!

See some of the Beacons pages creators are building with by visiting our gallery: ⬅️

There are lots of ways to create a website on the web. But no other website builder offers the ease of setup, powerful functionality, and personalization features that Beacons does - all for free! With Beacons, you do not need to hire anyone to create your website, spend dozens of hours getting it to work, or worry about your fans ability to get to the content they want.

Beacons is one of the most widely used Link-in-Bio providers on the internet! 😱

If you have any other questions, please contact our Creator Support Team by emailing!

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