Welcome to the Beacons! 🥳

In a nutshell, Beacons is a creator-first mobile website builder. In addition to extensive customization options, the free version of Beacons offers:

  • A link block 🔗

  • A shoppable TikTok feed 🛍

  • An email list block (with Mailchimp integration) ✉️

  • A text block 📝

  • Content-embedding blocks (for video, audio, tweets) 🎥

  • Several monetization blocks (e.g. a donation button, a cameo-like request form, a digital store for selling pdfs/videos/images) 💸

  • Analytics to see how many clicks your links are getting 📈

Let's Get Started! 🤩

  1. Reminder that what you put for your username will be your Beacons url.

Make sure you read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to joining!

2. Continue with an email, a Google account or a Facebook account.

3. To help you get started, you will get prompts to help assist you during the start of creating your Beacons page! 🎉

4. You are now ready to start customizing! 🙌🏽

Make sure you verify your email prior to building out your page!

If you have any other questions, please contact our creator support team by emailing support@beacons.ai!

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