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The Header Block is often the first thing a user will see when visiting your Beacons page and just like the rest of the page, it can be customized to fit your unique personality.

There are 7 different sections you can edit within the Header Block.

  1. Profile Picture

Here you can upload any picture you would like; It can be a company logo, your face, clan tag or anything else your audience can easily identify you by.

Tip: We recommend uploading images smaller than 3MB and smaller than 1000x1000 pixels to have your page load quickly and crop correctly.

2. Picture Shape

You can choose between a circular or a square frame for your picture. We suggest to choose to toggle on for the picture outline to really make your profile picture POP! ✨

3. Colors

The color selection refers to the outline color of your profile picture and the text color is the color of your username and link icons. These can be whatever color you want them to be so make them as unique as you and your page!

4. Text

The text is often the first thing a visitor will read when they visit your page, so you want this to grab their attention as soon as possible. You can also include your location as well to let visitors know where you are in the world. There is also a toggle you are able to turn on and off that would make the text bigger or smaller.

Tip: Adding a country flag emoji to your location is a popular design trick
we see our creators use.

5. Format

Gives you two great options to choose from to help your header match your personality even more! If you want more options for this formatting, let us know and we will be happy to come up with more designs!

6. Picture Size

Make your picture as large or as small as you want, with an easy to use sliding scale.

7. Social Icons

You can add as many social icons as you are active on. We believe this section of the header provides the cleanest look for linking other social accounts. You can also see analytics for all of these links right in the header block when editing your page.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team
by emailing support@beacons.ai.

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