Smart links are are one of the many features that Beacons is proud to offer FREE to all users. Smart links are another tool in Beacons that allow you to include even more functionality into your single Beacons link.

TLDR: Smart links allow you to keep your Beacons link in your bio, but automatically forward users to another site that is already in your links block.

For example: You are a musician that uses Beacons like Sia (<- Thats her real Beacons page 🤯) and you having a new album or single dropping soon. Instead of changing your link in your bio to the Spotify playlist or SoundCloud mixtape, simply turn on the smart link for that destination and your all set! Directions below:

1. Login to your Beacons account

2. Go to "My Page" and select the "Links" Block

3. Select which link you want visitors to automatically be forwarded too.

4. Click on the Gear Icon

5. Select Smart Link

6. Choose how long you want your smart link to be active for. This can be down the minute precision or you can choose whole days and weeks.

7. Now that you have chosen the duration you want the smart link to be active for click "Set Schedule"

Note: This yellow box will remain on your page until your smart link is no longer active. Having an active smart link totally changes the functionality of your Beacons page and we want to make sure you are aware of the changes you made.

If you have any other questions, please contact our creator support

team by emailing!

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