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XP Generation, Levels, and Ranks
XP Generation, Levels, and Ranks
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Game elements like experience points (XP), levels, and ranks encourage participation and retention in a fun way. In our platform, members earn XP for completing quests or receiving reactions and upvotes on their content. The idea is to gear users toward positive feedback and promote interaction inside the community.
As you earn XP, you progress through the ranks, and the higher the rank the more profile rewards you get. Each user starts at level 1 and can level up to 99. For every 10 levels, you reach a new rank, which shows up on your profile.

In short, earning XP increases your Profile Level, which, in turn, lets you climb up the Ranks.
โ€‹ Level Rankings:

  • Rookie: Levels 1-9

  • Novice: Levels 10-19

  • Trained: Levels 20-29

  • Skilled: Levels 30-39

  • Expert: Levels 40-49

  • Leader: Levels 50-59

  • Elite: Level 60-69

  • Champion: Level 70-79

  • Legend: Level 80-89

  • Grand Master: Level 90-99

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