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Upvotes and User Reactions
Upvotes and User Reactions
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Upvotes and User Reactions are used to creatively express feeling towards content without having to say a word. With's custom reactions, you can personalize your community with reactions that let your members express themselves in a more relevant and fun way!

  • Default Reactions: These are the standard User Reactions, available at every package.

Image showing default user reactions.
  • Custom Reactions: Custom reactions are a great way to brand your community and give it a bit more flair.

    Image showing custom set of user reactions.

To change the default reactions on your community, go to βš™οΈ Platform Settings and select πŸ’œ User Reactions. Choose which reaction you want to replace and click the ⬆️ upload icon to select the image you want to use (make sure to follow the recommended format). You can also change the reaction label.

Custom reactions are available for Professional Plan and above.

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