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We've designed Quests to be the main method of driving engagement to the community. They add value by introducing new challenges and objectives, where users get XP for completing them. They act as short- and long-term goals that overall lead members to participate in the community and gain a sense of belongingness and pride.
New users also have access to the Rookie Questline, a set of quests that introduces the platform's features, while also guiding members to interact inside the community. They are very useful in onboarding new people to your organization, and teaching them about your brand throughout the discovery process. Rookie Quests are available for 7 days, and help you kickstart your profile with a sweet level boost!

Right now, quests are available on every community. We've automatically set them up, so all you have to do is onboard members! When new users sign up, they can find a full list of their quests on their profile. New quests will be added in future updates so stay tuned!

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