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Community Customization Features

Brand your community with's customization features.

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Platform Information

Choose your your platform information (community name, domain, tagline, and description).

Custom Domain

Connect your own domain and set up a custom community URL.

Privacy Statement

Input your own or use Beam's default Privacy Statement.

Terms and Rules

Set the terms and rules for your community which members need to accept upon sign-up.


Upload an icon that represents your brand, and a banner that will be the front face of your platform.

Design Colors

Choose an accent color and theme that refers to your brand.

User Reactions

Customize what user reactions will be available for users in the platform. User Reactions are used to express feelings towards a user post or comment.

Post Categories

Create post categories for your feed to separate different types of content and gives users more control over what they wish to see.

Categories are permanent and cannot be deleted. Disabling a category stops new posts from being created under it.


Add subforums to create separate post feeds for specific topics and groups.

Subforums are permanent and cannot be deleted. Disabling a subforum hides it from the selection menu and stops new posts from being created under it. Older posts remain visible.

Platform Visibility

Choose between having an Open or a Private Community.

Public Communities can be viewed and accessed by anyone, no registration is required. Private Communities can only be viewed by registered members, and posts made in the community will not be found by search engines.

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