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Why is password reset not working?
Why is password reset not working?

Having trouble logging in to your community? Check this out!

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If you're not receiving your password reset code, please try the following:

Check your spam folder

Email service providers’ spam filters are very good but occasionally they can send legitimate emails to your spam folder. It’s a good idea to check your spam folder if you're not seeing Beam emails in your inbox.

Check if you have the correct email address

Double check if you have any typos in the email address field or if you've in fact entered the correct email address. Our system will not send the code if the email provided does not match any existing account.

Try signing up instead

If it's a newly created community, you might have missed the instruction telling you to create a separate account.

Since the Beam Dashboard ( and your community site are two different websites, you'll need to have separate credentials for each. Instead of trying to sign-in, please create a new account on your community and use the same email address from your Beam account. Doing so will automatically sync both accounts and give you owner access to your community.

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