In Beanworks, you can view other user's purchase orders, but you cannot make any changes to invoices until you are the owner of the PO.

How to take over and code another user’s PO in BeanworksAP.
Note that only PO's in an editable status: Purchase Requisition (PR), Rejected (R), Reset (RE) can be modified.

Once you are in the details view, you can take ownership by clicking in the 'Owner field' to activate the user list. Start typing in your name and when you find it, select it by clicking on it to make yourself the owner.

 Now that you are the owner of the PO you can begin coding.

Once you are done coding the PO, you can then return it to the original owner by repeating the first step above (but changing it to their name instead), or you can submit the purchase order for approval.

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