In Beanworks, data cannot be changed once an invoice is in a non-editable status; these include: PA / A / PL / DP / EX. If a user would like to modify data on an invoice that is in a non-editable status or delete an invoice, the invoice must be reset.

To reset an invoice in BeanworksAP

1. Press the 'Actions' button in the details view of the invoice and choose ‘Reset’.

2. A comment is required for resetting invoices in Beanworks – enter a comment or short note about why the invoice has been reset and click the ‘Reset’ button.

 3. Your invoice will then move to 'RE' (Reset) status and will become editable. you will be able to edit all fields as long as you are the Owner of the invoice.

4. In order to edit an invoice you must be the owner of the invoice. If you are not the owner of the invoice, you can take ownership by clicking in the 'Owner' field to activate the user list. Start typing in your name and when you find your name select it by clicking on it to change the owner to yourself.

5. Now that you are the owner of the invoice you can make changes to the invoice. In order for the invoice to become approved again, you must submit the invoice for approval and the approvers must approve the invoice again.

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