Beanworks allows you to setup certain fields as required when coding the details of an invoice, purchase order or a payment. Required fields can be setup for fields on both header and line item level.


Fields can be made mandatory for -

  • Invoices

  • Purchase order

  • Payments


  • You need to be a system admin to be able to setup coding fields as required.


  • Stop the invoice, purchase order and payment to be submitted for approval without the required fields.

  • Sometimes accounting systems have required fields, if not filled will throw a sync error when exporting the invoice from Beanworks into the accounting system. To avoid the


Go to Settings --> Select Invoice / Purchase Order / Payment --> Select Coding Fields --> Select the legal entity you want to setup mandatory coding fields for.

STEP 2: Setup required fields

You can setup required fields based on your business or accounting systems requirements.

Org Unit is required by default for invoices and purchase order and can not be changed.

Amount, Bank Name, Payment Method and Vendor are required by default and can not be changed.

STEP 3: Setting up additional requirements (optional)

You also have the ability to setup min and max characters for text fields like header description, line item description and invoice number.

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