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How many packs does it take to do a full head?
How many packs does it take to do a full head?
How many packs you should use and for which hair types.
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On average, it should take 3 (20 piece) packs to create length for your client. You are matching the density of your clients’ existing hair, so if their hair is thicker or they have shorter layers, you may need 4 (20 piece) packs; if their hair is fine, you may be able to complete a full head with 2 (20 piece) packs.

If you are creating length in blunt haircuts, texturizing the client’s hair first will help in blending the extensions and existing hair. Creating volume depends on how much thickness they are trying to add, but typically volume is achieved in under a pack if you are not creating length. Keep in mind the number of packs may also vary based upon the amount of colors that you are trying to match in your clients’ existing hair. This should be considered for estimating price and timing during the initial consultation.

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