What is the purpose of this app?
The purpose of this app is to give introverts a way to solve climate change. It was developed based off a specific need in the Canadian market, for a tool so people could do a simple self-guided energy audit of their house. It is owned an operated by a Social Enterprise (funded as such), Beaverlodge Inc.

What about my data and privacy?
We never collect the data to know where you live, only the area. Additionally, all user data is encrypted and secure using top-of-the-line security measures. Data is only used for the purpose of giving you an accurate home rating, discounts on home upgrades, and to inspire the community with anonymous stories of actions. The purpose of these stories is to brag about how busy Canadians are optimizing their homes. 

How do you make money?
We started this out of a desire to make the world better. That being said, we want to make the world better for a long time! Which means we are building a viable business. The main way we do that is by taking a commission on the products we sell you. But we don't just pick products that make us lots of money if they are not helpful. If you think a product we have is garbage, please tell us!

How does the optimization work?
The app helps you optimize your home by pulling together three different elements into a single place. First, you answer 20 questions that give you an understanding of your home efficiency in conjunction with NRCan auditors. Second, the products in the app enable optimization at unbeatable prices. Third, the actions themselves help you reduce your utility bills. 

After users earn the digital coins, how and where can users spend the coins?
The coins go toward product discounts. 

Can users transfer the coins into real money?
No, the users cannot transfer the coins into real money. 

Once users finish all the questions on the map, will there be any new questions?
No, they can only complete the questions once, there are only going to be 20 questions on the map. 

What is the functionality of “User Group” feature?
It is a way for people who are part of a community group to record progress together. For example, if you and your church group wanted to celebrate your actions together, adding yourself to this group would give us a way to generate a group-level report of your progress. 

Does your app access any paid content or services?
No, except for the physical product or service sales we promote to the user. But that is not paid content, that is only physical product/service sales for home upgrades. For example, purchasing LED lights, or having a full home energy audit done (through fully certified auditors we source). 

What are the paid content or services, and what are the costs?
They are listed in the product section, but vary on cost and details depending on the specific user needs. 

Do individual customers pay for the content or services?
Yes, through a secure link for physical products sent to their inbox. 

If no, does a company or organization pay for the content or services?
A company or organization can purchase home upgrades for an individual if they would like. 

Where do they pay, and what's the payment method?
Users who decide to purchase a product will be sent a link to their email address to the Amazon purchase page, or another similar service provider purchase page. 

If users create an account to use your app, are there fees involved?
There are no fees involved in creating an account.

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