What is the purpose of this app?
We want to give introverts a way to solve climate change! The Canadian market is in need of a tool that the average person could use to perform a simple energy audit of their house. We are owned an operated by a Social Enterprise, and funded as such), Beaverlodge Inc.

What about my data and privacy?
We need your address to know what region you live in because building code varies by area, which can affect your home score. We need it in order to give you an accurate rating and discounts on home upgrades. We do not store your passwords or financial information. You have the option to share an anonymous story about how your home has been optimized, but it's not necessary.

How do you make money?
We started this project with the desire to make the world a better place. That being said, we want to make the world better for a long time! Which means building a viable business. The main way we do that is by taking a commission on the products we sell to you. But rest assured, we only want to sell you products which benefit you, so if you think a product is garbage, please tell us!

How does optimization work?
We help you optimize your home by pulling together three different elements into a single place. First, you answer 20 questions that give you an understanding of your home efficiency in conjunction with NRCan auditors. Second, the products in the app enable optimization at unbeatable prices. Third, the actions themselves help you reduce your utility bills. 

How can I spend coins I earn?
Coins count towards product discounts. 

Can users transfer coins into real money?
No, coins are non-transferable.

Will there be any additional questions once I finish the questions on the map?
No, there will only be 20 questions, which you can only answer once.

How does the User Group feature work?

The User Group feature allows people to record progress together. An example might be a church group wanting to share their personal contributions with each other. They could create a Group which would enable them to produce group-level progress reports.

Does you have any paid content or services?
No, we make commissions off of third party sales and providing full home energy audits from the fully certified auditors that we source. Using the app is free. You only pay if you see value in something we offer.

What are the prices of your products and services?
We do not sell anything ourselves, all provided products and services vary in price and details depending on the specific user needs. 

Do individuals pay for the products and services?
Yes, through a secure link for physical products sent to their inbox. 

Can companies and organizations pay for products and services as well?
Yes, companies and organizations can provide upgrades for individuals if they would like.

How do I pay?
If you decide to purchase a product we will send you a link to your email address which will take you directly to the seller's page. 

Are there fees involved with starting an account?
No, It's free to create an account.

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