Ahoy, Hearties! Here we aim to explain the why, what, and how of our Social Capital system, as well as share updates as we make them.

What is Hearty Social Capital (SC)?

Nearly every day “in real life” each of us provides help to others in our network of trusted relationships. We do favors, offer advice, make introductions, and lift people up when they are down on their luck. This help creates social capital--a powerful force for our common good that happens without money changing hands.

We created Hearty to make it easier for great people to help each other find opportunities. Our combined success depends on us individually doing small helpful favors. Through a recommendation here, and an invite there, members establish their reputations and forge real connections, increasing the value of our community and the odds of success for every member.

In order to encourage and reward people to take these helpful actions, we introduced Hearty Social Capital (SC). Think of it as the number of acts of kindness or positive karma that happen among our community members.

Guiding principles for SC awards:

  • It is a reward for acts of helpfulness to other Hearty members

  • The amount of SC awarded is based on a combination of the effort required and value to the individual and community

  • We won’t award SC only to benefit the Hearty business

  • We’ll closely monitor activities and make adjustments to prevent gaming the system that weakens the credibility of recommendations and the community overall

You can earn SC by:

  • Recommend someone overall: +1 SC

  • Add someone to a Leaderboard for the first time: +2 SC

  • Upvote someone on Leaderboard: +1 SC

  • Leave a comment on Leaderboard: +5 SC

  • Receive a Follower: +1 SC

  • Add an email address to a Hearty invite: +5 SC

  • Invite someone to Hearty: +25 SC when they join

  • Someone is added to a Leaderboard you created: +1 SC

  • Post a job: +10 SC

  • Share a job post: +10 SC

  • Comment on a job post: +5 SC

  • Post a Leaderboard boost: +10 SC

  • Share a Leaderboard boost: +10 SC

  • Comment on a Leaderboard boost: +5 SC

  • Vote on a Canvass: +1 SC

  • Complete a Daily Quest: +5 SC (in addition to SC earned in your answers)

  • Upvotes on your Discussion post or comment: +1 SC for every upvote (minus downvotes)

  • Comment added to your Discussion post or comment: +5 SC

Note that sometimes it might take a few minutes for the Hearty app to update your and your company's profiles with the total SC you've earned.

What can I do with SC?

The main purpose of SC is to recognize the individuals that have been most helpful to our Hearty community. But it's also a way for us to encourage and reward members in a "give to get" model. For example, we offer Boosts of your profile on others' feeds when you hit a minimum SC level. Your SC is also a big part of reaching Proven status; that's because being helpful to others is a big sign of who's best in the talent game.

In addition to Boosts, we regularly share leaderboards and notifications to highlight the biggest givers among us. Our hope is that your high SC score sets a bar for new members and helps you be recognized for investing in others’ success.

As we continue the Hearty journey we’ll offer other special benefits and recognition for our most active givers. And your Hearty team will be tracking total SC created as our number one success metric--in other words, we're doing good work if you guys are helping each other succeed!

If you have any questions, ideas of feedback about Hearty Social Capital, please drop me a note!


Hearty CEO

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