Ahoy, me Hearties! Our members have imported over 1 million connections with the Hearty Chrome extension so far, and it's helping them make and receive recommendations much quicker on our platform. But it's still a little tricky and you may have questions...

(You can find the walk-through of the process here: https://app.behearty.co/install)

Why does Hearty ask to import connections from LinkedIn?

Overall, Hearty is a new kind of professional network based on who you really know and trust. But we want to help you build your network quickly and easily. By seeing who you are connected with on LinkedIn, we can make smarter suggestions about who you might follow and recommend on Hearty. Additionally, it makes your profile pop in suggestions when your connections join Hearty. Looking at our data, Hearty members who have imported their connections receive 5x more recommendations from others compared to those who have not imported.

You can still use Hearty without importing these connections, but it will hurt your ability to discover and be discovered by friends and for opportunities. That's why members who have imported end up receiving 3x more recommendations than those who have not.

Are you going to spam my connections--or do other bad stuff?

Nope. No-way. Never. Our extension only allows us to do a one-time view of the name, headline and photo of the people you are connected with. It cannot post, send invites, or do anything else. We don’t access your username and password, and we don’t permanently store your session token. And we wouldn't want to spam your connections since Hearty is only for the people you specifically invite or recommend. Plus we’ve been approved by Google's Chrome Web Store so we must be doing something right!

Will I ever have to import my connections again?

Only if you want to import additional LinkedIn connections that you have made since the last time you used the Hearty Chrome extension. Generally we see people doing this a few times per year.

I can’t figure out how to make the Chrome extension work!

Don’t feel bad, it can be tricky--but once you get this done using Hearty is a breeze. Here’s a couple of common issues, and the video here has more.

  • Not working on mobile - Unfortunately this is a challenge we can’t overcome yet. But once you import your connections on your desktop you can go back to mobile forever.

  • Chrome is not your browser - It’s a great browser but not for everyone. There are a few other browsers that Hearty might work on, but generally you’re going to have to use Chrome at least for this one-time import.

  • LinkedIn and message boxes - First, remember that you have to go to LinkedIn and log in before you start the import. Second, minimize any LinkedIn chat boxes, which can confuse our extension.

  • Can’t find the Hearty extension after I installed it - This is also tricky if you haven’t used extensions before. Look to the very upper right of your browser for an icon that looks like a puzzle piece. Click on that and you should see Hearty in the list. Once you click Hearty it will start doing its work and redirect you after a few seconds.

  • Security and Blockers - Some corporate computer systems don’t allow any Chrome extensions to be installed, so you’ll have to ask for special IT permission, or just use your personal computer for the import. And some Ad Blockers can get in the way, so try turning them off if you're having trouble.

If you have other concerns, or just need a little more help getting this going, simply click that chat box in the bottom right of your Hearty window. Live, friendly humans are standing by to help!

See ya on the other side of synching!


Hearty CEO

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