Ahoy, me Hearties! So you've seen the Follow button, gotten a few Followers, and maybe even Followed Back because it seems like the friendly thing to do. But you're not sure what Following on Hearty is all about. You're in the right spot.

The core action of Hearty is recommending people you know and trust for Leaderboards. But in building our app and community we saw a need for an additional way for people to discover other people and opportunities.

Following is a way for you to signal interest in a Member or Leaderboard, and like Twitter, it's a way for you to curate content in the form of suggestions and job posts throughout the app.

Why you might Follow Members

  • You want to see their recommendations and job posts - This could include recruiters and hiring managers at companies you admire, and fellow members of Leaderboards that you are on.

  • You're looking for a lighter way to connect - Recommendations are for people you know well and trust, but Following is great for people that you know somewhat, just met, or would like to meet some day. Following can also be a way to appear on a fellow member's radar (like recruiters), and they might check out your profile when a notification pops up.

  • They Followed you - We encourage people to follow lots of people on Hearty so that we can spread the word about opportunities and make connections to new people. The member who follows you might be your next hiring manager or source of great candidates.

  • You recommended someone - Any time you recommend someone we automatically add them to your follower group as well.

Why you might Follow Leaderboards

  • It fits your job, skill, or interest - Following specific leaderboards helps you keep tabs on other members and relevant opportunities. Plus you can monitor movement in the rankings.

  • You're in the community - Some of Hearty Leaderboards are less about skills and more about pulling together people who have a similar background or interest.

  • You created the Leaderboard - Any time you create a Leaderboard you'll automatically start following it as well.

Note that when you join Hearty, we'll automatically have your account Follow members of out team. This helps populate your feed right away as you get the swing fo things. You can also unfollow a Member (including our team) or Leaderboard if you no longer wish to see who and what they are sharing. Note that we will not send a notification for unfollows.

Happy following!


Hearty CEO

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