Ahoy, Hearties! It's time to sit back with your favorite adult beverage and enjoy the tale of how your professional recommendation network was named.

Well, the "how" isn't actually that interesting. Our founding team spent a few days jotting down potential names in between writing code and interviewing recruiters. We looked up available URLs, and made sure we didn't pick something that means bad words in other languages. We narrowed down to a short list, created a scoring system and Hearty was the winner.*

As for how Hearty even got on the list, it started with pirates...

Yours truly was in charge of creating the list of name candidates. I went looking for sources of "interesting" words that would be recognizable but unique and under-used. That led me to google lists of magical words, astronaut terms, and pirate phrases. Running down that pirate list I came upon the word "Hearty." I was reminded of the phrase "Ahoy, me Hearties," which I think I last heard when taking my kids on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.

I learned that Hearty was a term of affection for "shipmate" that often appears in worksongs called sea shanties that were popular in the pirate age. Sailors would sing these songs to keep their spirits up and coordinate their movements while working on a small deck in high seas. Yep, we were way ahead of that trend.

We started this company because we've felt how magical work can be when we are part of a team on a special journey together. When we are at our best, we are putting our heart and soul into the work. And when we are part of a high-trust team there is a spirit of camaraderie that is magical. It's about loving our work and the people we work with.

Plus, we've got some pirate in us. A startup is a high-risk, high-reward path of rebellion against the status quo and legacy BigCos. It's about being bold, which fortune favors. And while pirates were known for breaking the old rules of society, they were remarkably ahead of their time in practicing democratic leadership principles and embracing crew diversity.

Finally, the Hearty name speaks to what we despise in the workplace: Heartlessness. We've seen too many company cultures that manufacture misery, toxic leaders whose own personality disorders are amplified onto their employees, and bureaucratic processes that wring the humanity out of human resources. We're on a mission to free people from these soul-crushers.

So "Hearty" felt pretty damn good.

And someday, with your help, dear member, we'll be big enough to afford the ".com". Until then, it's Hearty.xyz.


Hearty CEO

*if you're looking for help on creating your own new brand, shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to share more about our process. And check out our Brand Development Leaderboard for other folks who can help!

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