Ahoy, Hearties! Some of you end up here because you reached the bottom of your Home Feed. The rest of you are just really thorough. Either way, this post provides some tips for expanding your network on Hearty.

  • Import your LinkedIn connections - This allows our Hearty algorithm to suggest people that you may want to recommend. We simply see who you are connected with and never spam invites or control your account. And be sure to re-import your connections every few months to capture new people. For more check out this post.

  • Invite your friends - Hearty gets more and more useful and fun as more people you know come aboard. We're recommendation-based to keep the quality high, but we trust members with the power to invite colleagues you know and trust.

  • Recommend people to Leaderboards - The best way to help and connect on Hearty is to recommend the people you know well and trust. Each time you recommend someone you will automatically follow them and their feed. This post has some more guidance on who and how to recommend.

  • Follow fellow members - You might not know them well enough to recommend them, but you can still see who they recommend and what they are sharing. Follow people at companies you like, fellow Leaderboard members, or just people with high Hearty scores that seem to have the eye for talent. You can follow as many people as you like, and many of them will follow you back. Follow this link for more.

  • Follow Leaderboards - This is a way to see activity among members and relevant job posts.

  • Update and Share your Hearty Profile - This is how people will discover you on our platform, so make sure to update your info, add some personal elements, and share the URL on your LinkedIn page, email signature, resume and job applications.

  • Ask for Introductions - Unlike a "Connection", Hearty Recommendations are a signal of real relationships. If you would like to meet someone new, look for someone in your network who has recommended the person. We tend to be helpful that way here. Just be warned not to abuse fellow community members with too many self-interested requests, or you might lose those precious recommendations.

  • Stay active - Like in any social network, the more active you are on Hearty, and the more you do to help fellow members, the more people will notice, follow and approach you with opportunities.

Finally, don't forget to build your network by going out into the real world and meeting new people! Stay safe, get your shots, and then rediscover the art of face-to-face communication again.


Hearty CEO

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