Ahoy, Hearties! If you're working at a startup, then we're in good company together. Hearty is a startup and our entire team has worked on multiple tech startups over the years. We know it's tough out there, and the purpose of this post is to give you a few pro tips on how Hearty can help make the journey a bit easier.

The general rules and suggestions for using Hearty apply for startups, too, but here's a few specific tools and Leaderboards that might help:

  • Investor Leaderboards - You might need some financial fuel for the journey, so check out our Angel investor and Midwest VC leaderboards. Remember to look at the list of people who recommended them to potentially find a person you know that can make an introduction.

  • Company Profiles - If you're looking to sell or partner to a company, start with the a Company search and find the Hearty members that work there. Also, make sure your entire team is on Hearty and active--as potential partners, investors and hires will be checking out your team.

  • Founder Leaderboards - There's a community of other startups out there and most of us are willing to help our fellows in the trenches. Check out the Up & Coming Founders, CPG Entrepreneurs, and Tech Startup Founders. But look for industry-specific leaderboards, too, such as People Tech, Ed-Tech, and Sustainability.

  • Startup Supporters - Our members are actively building Leaderboards to recognize the individuals and organizations that can help you get a leg up. For example, Startup Legal Support, Early Stage Mentors, Startup Podcasters, and if you're in Cincinnati check out the #StartupCincy Community Leaders. Dayton's is coming along, too!

  • Talent Leaderboards - You're going to need to do some hiring as you grow, so look out for Hearty members that have startup experience. My favorite spot for this is our High-Growth Rocketeers Leaderboard. Remember you can help market yourself, too--Looking for a Tech co-founder? Then add yourself to the Founders Looking for Technical Founders Leaderboard.

Whew! That's just a sampling of resources for now. More Leaderboards and talent are being added everyday. For the latest startup leaderboards, just head to the main Leaderboard page and type "startups" in the filter box.

If this has been helpful or if you have any questions or advice to add please shoot me a DM. In the meantime, keep building!


Hearty CEO

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