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Do I need to hire an immigration attorney?
Do I need to hire an immigration attorney?

Learn why you should hire an immigration lawyer for your EB-5 petition

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We strongly recommend all EB-5 investors retain an experienced immigration lawyer to assist them in their EB-5 journey. U.S. immigration law is notoriously complex, and while the initial I-526 petition might seem straightforward to some, appearances are deceiving. EB-5 has many rules and requirements to navigate.

You pay for what you get. And for something as important as a US green card for you and your families, you should retain the best and most experienced immigration attorney.

Behring's EB-5 investors have been represented by the EB-5 industry's top legal teams. We are happy to refer you to an immigration lawyer we trust will do a great job for you and your family. Contact Behring for referrals and more on how to choose a great EB-5 lawyer.

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