• Plan for Punctuality: Check the address of the job location and how heavy traffic is expected to be at that time of day. Read more here on Punctuality 

  • Connect with your moving team: On the job board in the app you can chat with your captain or your whole team to ask them questions or game plan before a move. This is especially useful in your first few moves.

Move Day

Starting off right

  • Wear the right clothes: Wear closed toed shoes athletic clothing that is comfortable.  After a few moves we will send you a couple of Bellhop shirts you can wear to have a more uniform look with the other pros.

  • Arrive at the move location 10 minutes early:  Read more here on Punctuality. The team and the driver will all meet at the move location. Read more here on Transportation.

  • Greet the Customer: The Lead owns the major communications with the customer but all pros will need to communicate with the customer. See more for communication with the customer.

  • Clock In: Click here for how to clock in and out

  • Complete the Walkthrough Form: The Lead on the move will be responsible for completing the Walkthrough Form with the Customer

  • Connect with HQ if needed: Sometimes things don't go as planned. Let us know if anyone is late, if the move looks like it will go over time, or if the truck is late or doesn't show up. We can often work to help and get things back on track. Here's how to connect,

Loading & Unloading

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