Every Bellhop team has at least two members: the Pro and the Lead (or Captain) Pro. Go ahead, try to name a more iconic duo.

Labor only moves have at least two team members: the labor only Lead and the other pro(s). Full Service moves (moves with a truck) have even more team members: the Captain, the Driver, the Pro(s), and sometimes a Recruit. What's the difference between these movers?

  • Captains have a few more defined responsibilities on full service moves such as being the main point of contact for the customer and leading the team during the day of the move. You can learn more about the Captain role in this article. 

  • Leads are responsible for being the main point of contact for the customer, as well as running the show on move day.

  • Recruits are there to learn the ropes of being a Pro. It is their role to master pad and wrapping and using standard moving equipment. The Recruit is paid for by Bellhop, not the customer, since their role is to learn how to be a great Pro.

  • All Pros on a move deliver a high five experience and are there to safely and swiftly move the customer's belongings with care.

Each role has specific obligations so that everything gets taken care of on the move. Payment for jobs can vary by market, depending on the cost of living in the area.

But here are the base rates associated with each role during a move by Market:

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