When you're the Lead of a move, you're the director. When the Leads make a plan, we've found there is damage 1.5 less times than when Leads don't make a plan.

Here are some ways other movers have made action plans on their move that lead to success in the job lead role:

  1. Introducing the team to the customer. If there's a recruit on the move, let the customer know they are free of charge and are here to learn.

  2. Make a plan. We've provided a Walkthrough form where you can document pre-existing damages and protect yourself from liability for them.

  3. Coordinate with the driver. Greet them, familiarize yourself with the truck, and tell the crew how you want it packed and what you will move first.

  4. When clocking out, be sure to explain the process to the customer: They will verify your hours and have the opportunity to rate their experience & tip if they choose to do so. You can use this information to guide you.

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