The ranks in Bellhop Nation work just like they do in sports.

Once you're approved for our platform, you're an official member of Bellhop Nation. You and all your teammates are pros. 

We call brand-new Bellhop movers Recruits.

  • Recruits spend their first two moves learning from veteran pros and honing their moving skills.

  • They are encouraged to take a knowledge assessment.

  • Once they’ve completed their first two moves they become a Pro.

As pros grow in experience, skills, and general awesomeness, we offer some of them a Captain’s badge. 

  • Captains are elite Pros. When we’re looking for someone to call the shots and be a leader, we look to Captains.

  • Captains have all the opportunities and responsibilities of standard Pros. They also have some that are unique to the Captain status. These include: more leadership opportunities, higher pay rates, more regular interaction with the Customer.

So let’s recap.

  • Everyone’s a Pro

  • New Pros are called Recruits

  • Elite Pros are called Captains

At HQ, we like to think of ourselves as the coach. But we’re also your biggest fans.

Game on.

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