Setting up your Bellhop profile is the first step in the Onboarding Timeline. The Bellhop profile is the visual representation of the professionalism, courtesy, and mind-blowing customer service you display on move day. 

Customers will see your profile and HQ will use your schedule and accounting info to book moves and get you paid.

Where to edit your profile

You can edit your profile in the “More” tab of the Bellhop app. Here you can edit your profile picture, address, phone number, and market. To edit your accounting info, you will need to use the web dashboard.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first impression the customer will have of you. For this photo, select a professional and clean shot. Make sure you are centered, well dressed, and that the shot is taken from the torso up. Avoid group and shirtless photos.

Market and Address

Keep your address and market preferences up to date to ensure that you receive communication and job notices. Failure to select the correct market will restrict you from being matched to the appropriate jobs!

If you wish to work in a different Bellhop market, contact your Onboarding Manager, or Quality Manager if you are already a mover. 

Accounting Info

Currently, you cannot update accounting information on the Bellhop app. Head over to the web dashboard to do so. 

The most common cause of payment issues results from failure to add a new debit card when the old one expires.  Be sure to mark the new card as the “preferred card.”


Bellhop uses your availability to schedule moves with customer. Update these times every week to allow us to book moves when you say you can work them!

Check out this article to learn more about updating your availability.


  • If you are a Recruit, contact the Recruiting Team by texting 423-888-0323 or by emailing

  • For Pros, contact Bellhop Support at Or if you have an urgent need and need to talk a person, call us at 423-771-9533

Any other questions? Check out the rest of the Bellhop Help Center.

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