The Job Board is the place where any Bellhop jobs with open spots are posted and available to be claimed.

What jobs appear on the job board?

Your job board displays all the available jobs in your market.

When do jobs appear on the Bellhop app?

Jobs booked under 24 hours before reservation start time or with an open spot appear on the job board.

Why am I unable to see the job board?

If you do not see any jobs posted on the Job Board, it is probably for one of the following reasons:

  1. All jobs in your market have been claimed or matched.

  2. You have incomplete job board requirements. These requirements include updating your availability and your payment information. On Android, your outstanding requirements will be listed and on iPhone you will be directed to the web dashboard to complete the requirements.

  3. Your account has been deactivated.

  4. Your contract has been terminated.

Direct any questions about your job board to your Performance Manager.

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