Bellhop matches you to jobs that fits within the times you want to work. In order to do that, we only allow our customers to book jobs when we know there are movers available to work. However, if you say that you are available, we will allow the customer to book within your availability. 

Want more work? 

If you're looking for more work on the platform, here are two tricks:

  • Be available on weekends. Over half of customers want to move on Friday & Saturday.

  • Be available for back-to-back time blocks. Almost 50% of all jobs happen across back-to-back time blocks.

In the “Hours” tab of the mobile app, you'll find the Bellhop Calendar. This tool is your one-stop-shop for everything related to your Bellhop schedule. 

This article covers everything you need to know about setting up your availability.

What is the Bellhop Calendar?

The Calendar's month view allows you to see what days you're marked as available and what days you're on a job. Consider it your very own personal assistant. No big.

Why does Bellhop need my availability?

Bellhop allows you to work around your schedule, but we need to know your schedule in order to book moves when you want them.

What if I'm available for part of a time block?

Only select a time block if you are available for the duration of the time.

What is the default template?

Some parts of your schedule are the same every week. The default schedule feature saves a template of time blocks you typically work so you can upload each week's info with ease. Before you save a week of availability, the default template will appear as yellow blocks, and you can edit them to reflect each week's changes without having to start from scratch each week.

When is my availability due?

You'll see color codes next to each weekly on the Calendar, and these are there to let you know when an availability set is due. 

Yellow means it's almost due.
Red means it's overdue.

Green means it has been entered.

Availability will be due every Friday, and procrastination will result in a block of the job board until the availability is submitted.

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