The Onboarding process takes you from 0-60. 

Each new bellhop is welcomed to the platform by the Bellhop Recruiting Team. This team's job is to guide the Recruit through his or her first two jobs and answer any questions.

Here’s an overview of the Onboarding process.


Every bellhop goes through an approval process. This ensures each mover is a high quality individual who we see succeeding on and off the job. Once a space opens up in the market and they pass a background check, they will enter the platform as a brand new Recruit.

First Two Moves

Your recruiter will help you get started. To begin, they'll help you:

  1. Download the Bellhop App

  2. Set up your Bellhop profile

  3. Set up your accounting information

  4. Learn how job matching works

  5. Answer any dress code questions

  6. Know when to clock in and out

Once you know this, you’ll be ready for moves 1 and 2.

Moves 1 & 2

You’ll tackle your first two jobs in the Recruit position. Rely on your Captain (or Lead) to show you the ropes on the move. While on your first two moves, you'll be in charge of padding and wrapping.

Bellhop Knowledge Assessment

Once you've completed both moves, you'll be sent a short Knowledge Assessment. Once you pass, you'll be a bona-fide Bellhop mover!


For support through the application process and your first 2 moves as a Recruit, contact the recruiting team by texting 423-888-0323 or by emailing

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