The walk-through is your chance to make a plan for the move. In the walk-through, assess what and where customers' items are, and create a strategy to carry out the move.

When do I do the walk-through?

Begin the walk-through after you have greeted the customer, introduced yourself, and clocked in. (Here's when to clock in.)

Then, walk through every room the customer needs help in. Once you have completed the walk-through, clock in and begin!

What do I look for in the walk-through?

  1. Walk-through the front rooms first. As you walk through, note doorways and hallways that feed into a den or living room. Clear these front rooms first so you have space to move pieces from the back later on in the move. (This will also be helpful because in a two location move, because when you arrive at the second location, the bedroom items will likely go upstairs or in the back rooms.)

  2. Look for larger items that might take special help and pay attention to other obstacles like stairs and tricky door ways. Take this time to prop open doors. (Here’s an article about moving items in tricky spaces.)

  3. Ask the customer if they have any special requests.

  4. If you are on a truck move, plan what order you will pack the customer’s items into the truck while you are on the walk-through. (Here’s an article detailing how to pack a truck.)

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