You'll get paid weekly for your Bellhop work. All your earnings for a week will be collected and sent out the following Tuesday, landing in your bank account by Friday or Monday.

You can track the status of your payouts in the “Payouts” tab of the Bellhop mobile app.

There are three payout stages: Pending, Sent, and Paid.


Pending payouts are waiting to be collected into a paystub at the end of a pay period. Payments for a move you've worked will be Pending once the move is verified by the customer. These payments move from Pending to Sent on payday, every Tuesday.


After a payout is Sent on payday, it remains in this state until your bank confirms  it has been deposited into your bank account. During this time, the payout is processed by Stripe, a third party provider that directs your earnings to your bank.

A payout is “paid” when your bank confirms the transaction has completed. Your earnings are now in your account!

Don’t see your payouts?

The Payouts tab of your app will display only moves that have been verified. Once the customer verifies a move you've worked, your payouts will appear with the label "Pending."

If you don’t see payments you think you should see in your pending payouts, or if some of your payouts have been delayed, contact Bellhop Support.

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