Every great team needs a great leader. Captains launched Bellhop trucks service, carried the team on their backs, and have been great leaders since day one. Since we've partnered with professional drivers to handle all truck driving, Captains now focus on a different role on move day: they're the move coordinator, bringing all the pieces of the job into one seamless, stress-free customer experience.

Benefits of being a Captain

  • Access to all jobs (easier to reach your desired hours)

  • Greater responsibility and accountability for performance

  • Higher paying rates

  • More interactions with the Customer

Responsibilities of the Captain

Principal point-of-contact to the Customer

  • Move Leader

  • First to arrive and last to leave

  • Arrives early at the job site

  • Coordinates Driver and mover arrival and parking

  • Introduces team to Customer

Move Estimation Judge

  • Before the move starts, perform walk-through, and determine whether or not a move has been estimated correctly

Link between the Customer and HQ

  • Notifying HQ of existing damages and damages that occur on the move

Bellhop policy expert

  • Explain Bellhop policies to the Customer, including billing, the protection plan, the damage claims process, clocking in and out, and other Bellhop procedures

Overseer of a Great Move

  • Work with the team to avoid damages

  • Ensures move has proper equipment and tools

  • Take care of equipment and return it all to the truck


  • Coach your pros and recruits and give them real time feedback on the move

  • Ensure they are padding and wrapping and protecting the Customer's furniture

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