Entry templates are a powerful tool for standardizing structured data capture and SOPs across your organization. These templates are easily reproduced, saving scientists valuable time as they carry out routine procedures.

SOP Creation:

Entry templates can act as a source of truth for your teams' routine protocols. Use template collections to set permissions and share entry templates across teams.

Preserve tables with commonly used formulas:

Add tables to your entry templates to carry out standard calculations such as master mix calculations. You can also pre-fill tables with starting values.

Standardize sample registration/storage/result collection:

As scientists work through a standard procedure, they may need to register samples, transfer samples to storage, or collect results from samples. Expedite this process by inserting structured tables such as registration tables, transfer tables, and result tables in to your entry template. The use of these structured tables can save valuable time and improve organization by adding repeatability to common processes.

See these features in action in this FACS Template below:

Learn how to create a template collection and a template within that collection here.

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