Designed for Science

Benchling’s electronic lab notebook is designed for your scientific workflows. Begin a notebook entry by opening a project, and then in the Notebook section, click the + on the top right corner of the panel and then Entry to create a new entry.

Plan multiday experiments

  • Insert new days into your entry by going to “Insert” and then “New Day”
  • Add checkboxes to your entry by clicking on the checkbox icon
  • Use the @ symbol to quickly reference files or collaborators. See the Moving Files help page for more details.

Format your notebook entry

  • Change the font size by clicking on the “H” and choosing between the different header sizes
  • Bold, italicize, or underline your text by highlighting and clicking the appropriate icon. Keyboard shortcuts (ctrl/cmd + b for bold, ctrl/cmd + i for italicize, ctrl/cmd + u for underline) also work!
  • Change the font or highlight color by clicking on the “A”
  • Add images or attachments by clicking on “Insert” and then “Attachment”
  • Create numbered or bulleted lists by clicking on the numbered list or bulleted list icon

Print or share your entry:

  • Print the entire entry by clicking on the printer icon
  • Print a portion of your entry by highlighting a portion of your entry, and then clicking the printer icon, and then “Print Selection”
  • Share your entry from the project settings. See the Sharing Data help page.
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