The following article applies to academic users.
If you're an enterprise user, please contact Benchling directly. 

Adding collaborators to a project and changing permission levels

  1. View your projects by clicking on the briefcase icon on the left side panel.
  2. Right-click on your project that you’d like to share, and click Settings.
  3. Under Manage Collaborators, type in the username of the individual, team (enterprise only), or the name of the organization with whom you would like to share the project, and click Add Collaborator.
  4. Choose the permissions level for the user/organization, and click Save. Your collaborators will now be able to access the project in their own project panel.
  • READ: Can view files in your project, but cannot make changes
  • WRITE: Can view and edit the project 
  • ADMIN: Can add collaborators to the project, in addition to viewing, editing, or deleting the project

    To remove a collaborator's access, hover over the collaborator and then click the trash icon that appears on the right side.
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