Benchling allows you to organize your data into projects at the top level. Projects are the central hub of work you do with colleagues.

You should create a project for each goal you and your team are working toward, such as Creating BRCA2 Knockout or Effect of Methylation on TP53 Expression.

  • Pro tip: Keep general information like cloning vectors, lab-wide primer libraries, and standard protocols in their own projects separate from active experimental data. It makes it easier to share standardized data with your whole lab.

You can create a project by clicking the + sign at the top project level.

View your projects by clicking on the briefcase icon on the left side panel. You will see that each project contains a Notebook section that will contain your notebook entries and protocols, and an Inventory section that will contain your sequences and oligos.

Create a new folder in your project by clicking the + , and then Folder. Give it a name, and choose which project you want to create the new folder into, and click Create Folder.

Sort through your project files by expanding the project panel with the → , and then toggling the different categories.

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