Here is Humania's dedicated COVID-19 page:

Our team has been able to source the following statement from their team. 

Short Term Disability
"Insured members may qualify for STD coverage if they exhibit symptoms or have been identified by a professional as having the virus.If members decide to self quarantine or are isolated without exhibiting symptoms, then Humania is referring them to EI for possible coverage as they would not be eligible under Humania’s STD.

Humania will be posting this response along with a number of Q&As on their website within the next couple days. Plan Administrators will be able to see this along with many questions and answers that they might have. According to Humania, it should be safe to say that they will have this posted by Friday (and hopefully within the next day or so).

You can also contact their claims line at 1-800-818-7236."

There is no change to the renewal process at this time regarding deferring the timing of a renewal.

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